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risk taker who shot steenkamp in a fit of rage. his defense is, it was a mistake and a reasonable person could have made the same mistake. fair enough but that's a tough defense considering that oscar pistorius shot his own girlfriend in his own home multiple times, you would think it might be a victory for them if the judge only convicts him of a lesser crime of culpable homicide meaning it was a negligent shooting. if convicted pistorius could face a life sentence. >>> heavy rains in brazil caused some damage at a soccer stadium that will host the world cup later this year. several pieces of metal used to collect water off the roof became detached and fell onto the field near the benches and onto the stands. it happened hours before the stadium was scheduled to host a regional championship. no one was injured. >>> the a conservation group has come up with an innovative way to make water go further in california. it's helping millions of birds migrating through california. dan ashley shows us in this morning's "assignment report" it's helping farmers. >> 8 million birds a year tr
for the knicks. warriors with some defense of their own. look at klay thompson harassing carmelo anthony. reward the man who plays d. thompson! warriors roll 126-1 1103. >>> after winning in philadelphia the sharks shuffled off to buffalo to face the last place sabres. they just traded their goalie to st. louis. they were short-handed. had to suit up a scout. he didn't play. they didn't need him. first period the buffalo power play. he shoots and scores on antti niemi. sharks answer in the second period. it is james sheppard in front to tie it at one a piece. right between the legs of jonas enroth. brian flynn, shot off the face-off. caught niemi. 2-1 sabres. then tyler myers into the slot here. matt moulson, there's the defense? back end of a back-to-back, i guess. but the sharks lose, 4-2. if you leave in conspiracies, and i do, then it looks like something fishy went down as mets third baseman david wright rallied in the we hours of the morning to defeat oakland's own in the twitter contest. the second baseman was in front until the final 15 seconds of voting, leading some of us to believe ml
and the united states and allies are weighing sanctions and whether to benefit up defenses this europe. russia's stock market jumps 10 percent and the valve the currency is at a low against the dollar and the euro and the internet monitoring age says it has blocked a dozen pages linked to the ukraine protest movement that helped the country out of the -- ous testimony washington, dc, has declared a snow emergency. schools and federal offices are closed and cities along the path spent the weekend preparing. >> ice is detrimental to our electric system. we have increased crews stationed throughout the entire service area. >> according to www. www.flightaware2,000 flights have been canceled. >> residents facing clean up after they returned home when ordered were lifted with plenty of mud and debris in the neighbors and there was a major wildfire in january and much of the concern is over. >> do we have any more conditions if wet weather? it is looking like we are not out of the woods. >> i don't think i will need the umbrella right here. at mid-day i will have it next to me. this morning i am dea
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3